Posted by: J. Han | September 7, 2009

Never Change – J. Han Feat. Sam Ock


**You wanna be together with me for eternity?
You turn your head the other way and choose to feed your greed.
You are my masterpiece, I have washed your feet.
My love for you will never change, I will never change.


(Verse 1 – J. Han)

Our love for each other was so pure.
I looked out for you, you reached out to me.
We would never be separated by simple aberration,
-cause of regular collaborations.
Yes, our times together were so sweet and
on the weekends we would have our meetings.
You were seeking my attention,
you called me every single day for – conversation.
You were confident even when the problems hit.
Obstacles and potholes were challenges.
You trusted me – amidst your disarray.
I hoped you stayed to hear – what I had to say.
My encouragement – was your strength to carry on,
even though you relied on Dom Perignon.
You wanted a higher love, I provided.
-You are my bride, why did you fight it?

(Verse 2 – J. Han)

No matter what the world says about you.
Truth – will always stand and it’ll bear fruit.
Sometimes you’re embarrassed of me
and yet so arrogant to your peers like pharisees.
Heresy floats on the surface.
Instead of building on my rock, you decide to throw them.
You would greet me with a cloaked passion
but lacked the – compassion, you actor.
You act up, attracted to blasphe-
“me, myself, and I” – mentality.
The fallacy in that you ain’t really worthy
you’re not the master says Luke 17.
I married you, I’ve tasted the tea you brewed
If you ain’t hot for me, then you’re dispensable.
I don’t care how sweet you were.
Today make sure you pick up your cross and follow my word.

(Verse 3 – Sam Ock)

You’re holding out for something big to happen
All you really need are my arms to be wrapped in
You know that, but you refuse to admit that I am the only one that you’re lackin
What happened to the passion? You’re lazy
Letting all the stupid things drive you crazy
I told you, I am everything you’re ever gonna need
So please let go of it all,
You see the pain that I felt for you then?
The gift you received with your every single “amen?
It’s been a few days, months, or years since the last time I took away your fears, your tears
I miss you…well did you know that?
I paid the price so you never gotta look back
All I want is to love and be loved in return.



  1. i absolutely adore this song. thank you for writing, recording and publishing this πŸ™‚

  2. this song lifts me up whenever i hear it. thank you for posting the lyrics too πŸ™‚

  3. love this song reminds me of this girl i know and me

    • You know that this song is about God and us?

  4. I loveee this song. Showed it to all my friends, the lyrics are just incredible. The references take some thinking to get, but that makes it that much more rewarding. Simply amazing πŸ™‚

  5. esa cancion es lo mejor πŸ˜€

  6. this guy i liked sent me the lyrics to this song 😦

    • UH why the sad face then???
      πŸ™‚ these are HAPPY lyrics.
      this dude probably likes u no doubtt!
      these lyrics can refer to like liking people…

  7. This song is great !!
    Please post lyric of the song What You Holding To !

  8. β™₯>OMG < so great my life is this song i would says that this my lovedsong β™₯

  9. This song is AMAZING!

  10. This song touches my heart like no other. I simply cannot thank you enough!

  11. OMFG!!!
    i LUV you guys!!
    you guys rock!!!
    i cant believe your NOT on the radio!!

  12. this so coll

  13. I LOVE THIS SO MUCH. first u think its a love song but then u realise its about god ^^.

    best christian song ever πŸ™‚

  14. woo just wanted to comment πŸ˜€
    –shout out to brenda jin who thinks that rappers cant wear – uh, whats this.. american eagle i think?. . american eagle.

  15. WOW!
    thanks for the lyrics! my friend introduced this song to me and as I saw and heard the song on youtube, I can’t help saying: WOW!
    I’ve always been looking for Christian rap songs and by God’s grace, I found another wonderful Christian rap song after the “When I Praise Him” of Jon Owens…
    God bless you guys! and more power! You’re amazing!

  16. This one is totally my favorite, it’s so my life, all our lives. Thanks for doing this and posting the lyrics too! I love AMP. You guys are just amazing ! God bless you all. ❀

  17. This song is on repeat! I love it so much because it’s filled with TRUTH :]. I got to see you guys at U of I and I can’t wait to see you at OIL! :]

  18. OMG!!! I luv dis song da frst tym i herd it i waz in luv wiv it it make me fink abwt my boyf nd I luv it sooooooo much!!! XD

  19. ironically i misplaced my ipod in my house and i took my old mp3 which consisted of this song, (this was only couple days ago) while i was listening to it, the lyrics hit me hard for i’ve been sining more than i could i ever imagine these days. anyway i just want to thank you guys and most importantly the heavenly father who allows all this to happen


  20. amazing song bro

    • i still dont really understand the true meaning to this song but it is pree amazing.

      • It’s about God’s unconditional Love for us.

  21. Amen!

  22. I love this song is about us who do things wrong and god helps us

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